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GhEduJob is delighted to bring you all the Educational Guide information to your door steps

Bright Francis Adom is Employee of Ghana Education Service and Senior High School Teacher. He is also Consultant about admission process to various Tertiary Schools in Ghana. It is difficult for most applicant to get the necessary information about how to apply for admission to various tertiary, hence he provides the most accurate and relevant information for them.



To assist individuals to get Educational Guide and provide current information for Professional Teacher and Untrain Teachers at Private Schools


Educational Guide

It is our goal to be the finest and greatest reliable place for educational guide, such as latest unheard Admissions, (Requirements, Deadline for application, Cut of Point and Fees), How to Choose a Program at the University, Guidelines for higher GPA at Tertiary, Courses at various Session for University (Sandwich, Full Time, and Weekend or Distance)

Teachers’ Professional Forum

Due to the remote area of some of our teachers, it is very hard for them to get accurate and fast information from their head office of the Ghana Education Service. Ghedujob.com brings you all to your door step with just a click.

Our Teacher Professional forum page is also managed with accuracy, but Professional Teachers. Trainee Teachers can learn so much from it before they go to the field. Teachers are also advised to visit from time to time to increase their vista and to be complex with the latest teaching techniques and requirements. We bring you only educational content that are verified. We try to publish as fast as possible but we also do verification of content before publishing

Bright Francis who is the manager of GhEduJob is a Professional Licensed Teacher with Ghana Education Service. He wishes to deliver reliable and unswerving information to teachers and his audience who are mostly Students, new graduates from College of Education and Universities and those who have finished with National service



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