How To Get A Better GPA At The University?

Earn Better GPA Before You Complete University.

The best time to get most GPA at the university is level 100 to 200, because this is the all what you are learning is new and is easy for you. Because is the basis most lecturers start teaching when they start with the level 100

Most students are finding it difficult to get a better GPA at the university.

The most important thing for a university student is to pass out with a successfully grade. And family, friends and relative will be happy for you as a student.

Here the most important thing to do for a successful student to pass exams.

Go to class regularly

Most student are not punctual in class and they think that they can do it without the classroom. But get to know, over 70 percent of the examination questions will come from what the lecturer will come to class to teach.

Participate in class.

Student participation in class help lecturer or teacher to know the serious student and the better ones among the students in the class or lecture room. Mostly, lecturers give more attention to students who participate more and they easily become their friends.


Organize yourself.

Organizing yourself as a student helps you to determine everything you will be doing especially managing your time, how to attend group discussing, and how to arrange yourself for you to have leisure time


Do a weekly study review.

Most student will put their books, note or textbooks down until exams. Studies is not like that, at least make regular review of what u learnt for the week every weekend so that the note will not be too much when examination is due.


Go to office hours.


Befriend with smart students with high GPA.


Avoid all-nighters.


Make use of Library



BRIGHT FRANCIS ADOM is an ICT teacher at Ghana Education Service, Entrepreneur, Hard Working and I believe in giving out Accurate information to help others

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