(7 Reasons Why Blocking Your Ex Is a Good Idea) Why You Shouldn’t Entertain Your Ex.

Why You Shouldn’t Entertain Your Ex.

Ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend In social relationships, an ex (plural is exes) is someone with whom a person was once associated, in a relationship or marriage.

Blocking your ex on social media might seem excessive or uncalled for, but there are several reasons why blocking your ex makes sense, especially if you want to move on with your life without them in it. If you’re struggling with the idea of blocking your ex, consider these seven reasons why blocking your ex could be a good idea.

You Avoid Them

The best part about blocking your ex online is that you don’t have to look at their face, see what they ate for breakfast, or read their tweets. What’s even better than that? Not heard from them.

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If you block your ex, you don’t have to hear from them ever again. It is a win-win situation. You get to be in control of who you hear from and what they say to you (or so long as they stay blocked.) Block your ex today and start enjoying life without distraction!


They Can’t See What’s Happening On Your Page

It’s hard to stay friends with your ex, but it’s even harder when they can see all of your posts. Whether you’re running a giveaway or posting pictures of yourself at a work event, there are going to be times when you want to share information that you know they won’t want you to post.

If they have access to your page, they will always be tempted to view these updates. If you block them, it prevents them from knowing what is happening on your page and frees up more space for other interactions! If everyone knows everyone else’s business, then nobody has anyone new in their life!

It Removes The Opportunity For Drama

By blocking your ex, you ensure that there will be no potential for either of you to receive random notifications from their current crush. You don’t want to go home from work every day wondering if they were with them, or worrying about what they may have told them.

When you block your ex on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, it becomes harder for you to worry because those notifications won’t appear on your phone. Even if someone mentions their name in a post, it won’t affect you because all posts come through as News Feed so there are no app notifications and it’s not interrupting your life.


It Keeps The Poison Out Of Your Life

You may be thinking that not hearing from your ex is a waste of time. You’ll never learn how they are doing, and you’ll be left guessing. But there’s no reason to assume they will be upset by your choice to keep them out of your life. They have moved on to someone else—which is exactly what you want for yourself as well.


Think about it: would you rather know that they got married last week or live in blissful ignorance? While it may seem nice to think that your ex is waiting for you and regrets their decision, blocking them completely will ensure that kind of information doesn’t get into your mind and make it hard for you to move on.

You Gain Control

You probably feel like you’re losing control when you break up with someone. By blocking them, you regain some of that control, which can be a positive step toward getting over them.

If they love you, they’ll try to contact you and won’t stop at one or two tries; if they’re just being mean, they’ll eventually get tired of pestering you and move on. And if they happen to have ulterior motives? You might never know; they’ll have no way of contacting you to find out.

You Take Back The Power

Do you find that your ex is still capable of manipulating your emotions? Are they a constant presence in your life? Have they successfully ruined your self-esteem and self-confidence? These are all signs that you’re lacking power in the situation.

One effective way to regain control is to block their number, email address, and social media accounts—anything that will prevent them from contacting you. Removing access to each other is vital for any healthy relationship recovery. When you don’t have access to them, it puts more control in your hands. You don’t need anything from them and it gets them out of your head for good!

Nothing Breaks Up Like A Little Distance

You need a little distance to figure out what you want from your relationship and to gain clarity about whether or not you two should be together. It’s important to remember that just because something doesn’t work out now, it doesn’t mean it won’t work out in the future.

For things to grow between you, however, you need a little time apart and a lot of space. Not only will your feelings for each other likely be stronger once you get back together but also, blocking him/her on social media and off your phone will help too!




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