An Associate Professor with the Department of Finance at the University of Ghana Business School has added his voice to endlessly call for stakeholders for government to cut down its size.

According to Elikplimi Komla Agbloyor cutting down on the size of appointees will help mitigate the current economic situation.

He believes this will assure the citizens of government’s concern with the situation at hand.

“The number of ministers is large for a small country like Ghana…we don’t need so many ministers.

“I think I saw something in the media about the number of communicators at the presidency and it is just too large. If we cut the numbers down, we are going to save a lot of money,” he said.

Speaking on Joy News’ on Saturday, he said the economic hardship calls for government to prove to the citizenry that it was concerned about the livelihood situation.

“We are in difficult times it’s time for government to show that they are actually listening, that they care about the citizenry,” he said.

Further, he outlined steps that when considered will make the citizenry willing to burden share.

“Again, if they can take significant reductions in the salary, I know they did about 30 per cent but if they can do more or even say that for the next six months or the next one year, they are not going to take any salaries and they are going to put their hands to the wheels and make sure that we build Ghana together then people can see there is a lot of burden sharing,” he added.

Individual bondholders have been requesting their exclusion from government’s debt exchange programme.

Some have indicated that they have suffered enough of the economic hardship and that their inclusion would exacerbate their conditions.

They say they can no longer make further sacrifices unless government returns some commissions made on their monies.

Issues have also been raised on the subject of burden sharing as bondholders believe that government is refusing to bear any portion of the burden at all.

Meanwhile, others think that what may be causing a problem in reaching an agreement with the government could be the mode of communication, especially on the part of government saying government has not been transparent and sincere.

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