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As a result of shortage of teachers in parts of the United States of America, such as the state of Florida, some schools are in search of teachers from Ghana and countries such as Mexico, Jamaica, the Philippines, and India.

The national teacher shortage is growing and in Florida, controversial laws are making it worse.

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This is attributed to low pay amid rising inflation and a hostile climate toward educators, particularly around LGBTQ+ issues and race. These factors are gradually pushing resident teachers out of the profession.

Nationally, teachers resigned in their numbers during the pandemic. A National Education Association poll released in February found that 55 percent of teachers also plan to exit the profession sooner than planned, up from 37 percent last August.

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Vacancy Statistics

Florida has more than 9,000 school personnel openings, and roughly half are teacher positions, according to the Florida Education Association. In Virginia, there are as many as 2,500 teaching vacancies. In Illinois, there are over 2,000 such vacancies, and Georgia projects that it will need up to 8,000 teachers over the next few years.

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Teacher shortages disproportionately affect students of color, who are overrepresented in under-resourced schools where staffing issues are more severe and leave students with instructors who are likely to be inexperienced and underqualified.

Not only are an increasing number of people leaving the profession, a decreasing number of people are entering it. In 2010, there were about 8,000 students who graduated from Florida’s colleges and universities with education degrees, said Andrew Spar, president of the Florida Education Association.

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Reasons For Shortages

While teacher shortages have left no region of the country untouched, Florida is a flashpoint because the state’s education policies, political climate and anti-teacher rhetoric contribute to the crisis.

Bad policies that have been passed in Florida that have had a huge impact on people deciding not to come into the profession and people leaving the profession who otherwise intended to stay.

The pandemic also accelerated how quickly people left the profession.”

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Addressing The Shortage

In order to address the shortage, some schools in southern Florida are using foreign teachers to resolve the teacher shortage.

The state of Florida is relying on teachers from Ghana, Mexico, Jamaica, the Philippines, Jamaica, and India to address the US teacher shortage.

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As made known by Dylan Tedders, Assistant Superintendent, Okeechobee County School District with the following statements:

“They fill in a gap that we have and we want to build to where we’re not in a crisis for teachers, especially in Okeechobee,”

There are 430 teachers in the district, and they come from nations such as Ghana, Mexico, Jamaica, the Philippines, Jamaica, and India. A few of the foreign instructors work in primary schools, while the majority teach in middle schools.

“Now middle schoolers are now being exposed to cultures from all around the world”

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Foreign Teacher Statistics

The Okeechobee County School in Florida is expected to have 30 foreign teachers, including 15 new ones, as classes resume on Wednesday 10th August. They’ve never had more than that before.

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More Teachers

Given that the teacher deficit is anticipated to persist for some time, Tedders claims they may have even more students next year which may lead to a need of more teachers.


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