Government Pays 2022 Teachers Professional Allowance

Teacher Professional Development Allowance 2022

Government Pays 2022 Teachers Professional Allowance

Ghana Education Service’s (GES) Professional Development Allowance due Teachers in 2022 has been paid successfully.

Teaching methods keep evolving hence, professional development is the only way a Teacher can stay current with new trends in methods of teaching.


Professional development builds one career and prepares the Teacher to be up-to-date in their field.

In the teaching fraternity, Teachers undergo a professional development study to equip them with the needed and necessary skills for their teaching career.

professional development is a requirement from Ghana Education Service (GES) and the government, and allowances have been scheduled for all Teachers who undergo the said developmental studies.


Ghana Education Service (GES (Teacher’s Professional Development Allowance for 2022 has been paid duly. A sum of GH¢1,200.00 from the government has been paid successfully into the accounts of all Teachers.

Monies deducted from Teacher’s salaries have also been refunded accordingly.

Even though Ghana is facing hardships, citizens are working tirelessly for a home take therefore salaries /or allowances due them must be paid irrespective of the current nature of the country’s economy.

The GES Professional Development Allowance paid was accompanied by the following:

National Teachers Council’s (NTC) Teacher Licence fee refund (Gh¢100.00).

Ghana Education Service (GES) Continuous Professional Development Allowance (Gj¢1,200.00).

Single Spine Monthly Salary (Gh¢2,162.97).

2022 COLA (Gh¢324.45).

Single Spine Teachers Retention Premium (Gh¢324.45).


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