Very Touching Story for All Teachers to Read


She was a Math teacher in Mallapuram Kerala. One day her student saw her begging near Railway Station but didn’t recognize her properly. But after a while the student realized that was her class Mathematics teacher.

When she spoke to her, she said, that after Getting retired from school, my children left me, and she was homeless since then. So, then she started begging infront of the Railway Station.


The student cried, and took her home, gave her good clothing’s, foodstuffs, and made a plan for her accommodation. Then she contacted the rest of the school friends, those who have studied with her. They took her to a better place to live.

She was left by her own children, but the children whom she taught they didn’t leave her.


Always respect your teachers.


BRIGHT FRANCIS ADOM is an ICT teacher at Ghana Education Service, Entrepreneur, Hard Working and I believe in giving out Accurate information to help others

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