Breakdown of New NTC Restructured CPD points buildup for GES staff

The Ghana Education Service (GES) recently unveiled a revised framework for the accumulation of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) points for teachers. The goal of the new structure is to enhance the quality of education in Ghana’s pre-tertiary sector by ensuring that teachers receive comprehensive training and development opportunities.

Under the revised system, teachers are expected to amass 20 CPD points each year. The points are classified into two categories: mandatory training provided by GES will account for 60% of the total points, while the remaining 40% will be obtained from specialized or targeted training facilitated by service providers, recommended training initiated by the teacher, or approved training recommended by the direct supervisor. This setup provides teachers with the flexibility to select training opportunities that align with their interests and needs and enables them to improve their knowledge and skills in areas relevant to their teaching duties.

GES requires SHS teachers to participate in two types of training categories: mandatory and recommended. The mandatory training consists of Professional Learning Communities (PLCs), which offer two points per term, and Continuous Professional Development (CDP) days, which also offer two points per term. The CDP days can be scheduled to align with the semester timetable. In total, this category offers 12 points annually.

The specialized/targeted training category offers four points per year, with two points per training session. This training will be conducted by service providers. The recommended training category also offers four points per year, with two points per training session. Teachers can initiate this training or obtain approval from their direct supervisor.

It should be noted that these trainings have a default maximum of two points and are dependent on the teacher’s performance in the final assessment. This category will yield a total of eight points annually.

In addition, teachers must obtain 20 CPD points each year to be eligible for promotion. To qualify for license renewal, teachers must accumulate a total of 60 points over a three-year period.

The revised CPD points system is a positive step in the direction of enhancing the quality of education in Ghana. It ensures that teachers receive the necessary training and development to improve their skills and knowledge, ultimately benefiting their students. The GES encourages all teachers to take advantage of this new system and earn the required CPD points for promotion and license renewal.


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