PLC Points awarding for the term

NTC PLC Points For The Term

NTC has opened its portal for the awarding of points for SBIs, CBIs and DBIs of 2023/24 academic year.

Heads should open their teacher’s portal and award the points to the teachers who attended the PLC Organized by the school.


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Do not award the points if the school did not organize any PLC for the term.

After awarding them with the points, send a report (i.e minutes and attendance sheets) on those three PLCs you used to score them to the training officer for him to score your points to you as a head of the school.

If you are at the Basic School you are to award your teachers with only the 2 BSIs and 1 CBI on the portal.

If you are a head at SHS, you are to award your teachers with 2 SBIs and 1 DBI on the portal.

You can also call the training officer for further clarification.

Thank you

Duah Ofori

Municipal Training Officer


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