No More GTLE NTC Licensure Exams For Diploma Candidates For 2024


Among the 11,480 diploma teacher trainees, which included both resitters and freshers, who participated in the final administration of the traditional subject Ghana Teacher Licensure Examination (GTLE), 6,269 did not pass.


NTC Licensure Exams For 2023 Results Released


The total candidature comprised 6,756 resitters and 4,724 freshers.

Outcomes of the Last Attempt

Out of the 11,480 diploma teacher trainees, encompassing both resitters and freshers, who participated in the final traditional subject Ghana Teacher Licensure Examination (GTLE), a total of 6,269 candidates did not pass. Among the candidates, 6,756 were resitters, and 4,724 were freshers.


Transition to Subject-Based GTLE

In this “Last Attempt,” it signifies that those who participated in the traditional subject GTLE won’t have another chance to retake the exam. Instead, they will transition to the newly introduced subject-based GTLE, as this marked the concluding administration of the GTLE for diploma holders. Those who took the exams primarily consisted of diploma holders, and they must upgrade to acquire a first degree to be eligible for the reformed GTLE subject-based examination.

Clarification on Results Criteria

Discussing the recently released GTLE, Dennis Osei-Owusu, the Head of Public Affairs of the National Teaching Council (NTC), clarified that even if some candidates passed one or two of the three subjects, they were still considered unsuccessful. Success was determined by passing all three subjects.


Statistics Breakdown

In terms of statistics, Mr. Osei-Owusu provided details: out of the 6,756 trainees who retook one, two, or all three subjects, 4,128 sat for one subject, 1,764 for two subjects, and 864 for three subjects. Among the resitters, 3,675 failed, and 2,594 of the freshers also did not pass.

Insights into the 2023 Reformed GTLE

Moving on to the maiden edition of the 2023 reformed GTLE, which shifted to a subject-based examination, the statement on the results release indicated that out of the 20,181 teacher trainees, 9,556, constituting over 30 percent, did not meet the pass mark. The summary of the results disclosed that 10,625 trainees, representing 52.6%, successfully passed the exams.



Result Checking Procedures

Regarding result checking procedures, the council informed candidates that the results would be available on its website, accessible through unique examination pins. Candidates can check their results at exam.ntc.gov.gh using either their registration pins or examination index numbers along with their phone numbers. The statement also advised candidates to print their provisional certificates after checking the results.



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