NTC Literacy Past Question And Answer 2023 (Preposition)

  1. Identify the prepositional phrase in the following sentence: “The scientist conducted experiments in the laboratory.”
    A) in the
    B) the scientist
    C) experiments
    D) in the laboratory
    Answer: D) in the laboratory

2. Choose the correct preposition to complete the sentence:
The research paper delves ____ the complexities of quantum physics.
A) into
B) with
C) upon
D) in
Answer: A) into

3. Identify the preposition and the object of the preposition in this sentence: “He is fond of classical music.”
A) fond of
B) he
C) classical music
D) is fond
Answer: A) fond of


4. Select the appropriate preposition to fill in the blank:
The novel is a reflection ____ society in the 19th century.
A) upon
B) in
C) to
D) by
Answer: A) upon

5. In the sentence, “The meeting has been rescheduled for Monday,” what is the preposition and its object?
A) for Monday
B) rescheduled for
C) meeting has been
D) the meeting
Answer: A) for Monday

6. Choose the correct preposition to complete the sentence:
She is known ____ her expertise in the field.
A) as
B) to
C) by
D) for
Answer: D) for



7. Identify the preposition in the following sentence:
The art exhibition features works by contemporary artists.
A) art
B) features
C) by
D) contemporary artists
Answer: C) by

8. Which preposition correctly fits in the blank?
The new research findings have significant implications ____ the field of medicine.
A) for
B) with
C) to
D) on
Answer: D) on

9. Identify the prepositional phrase in the sentence: “The students were excited about the upcoming trip to France.”
A) to France
B) about the upcoming
C) students were
D) the students
Answer: B) about the upcoming



10. Choose the appropriate preposition to complete the sentence:
The success of the project is attributed ____ teamwork and innovation.
A) to
B) with
C) for
D) by
Answer: A) to


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