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The Government through the Youth Employment Agency (YEA) is to employ about 5,000 Senior High School (SHS) graduates by end of August to help with health care delivery on Community Health-Based Planning Services (CHPS) compounds nationwide.


About YEA Recruitment Of SHS Graduates


This is as made known by Alhaji Ibrahim Bashiru, Deputy Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Operations of the Youth Employment Agency (YEA) to the Ghana News Agency on Wednesday on the sidelines of the launch of the Ghana Job Fair.

The “Green edition” of the Job fair, themed, “Connecting talents and opportunities” is a partnership between the GIZ Ghana, Ministry of Employment and Labour Relations, YEA and the Delegation of German Commerce and Industry in Ghana.


YEA Recruitment Of SHS Graduates Into Ghana Health Service

Alhaji Bashiru stated that the YEA is collaborating with the Ghana Health Service (GHS) under the Community Health Worker” programme to train selected graduates and “deploy them to our CHPS compounds.

He made this knwon with the following statement “The CHPS compounds are usually located in our rural communities, so, they will be there to help regular nurses with record keeping and basic things that would help the nurses to be able to do their work.”

Job Responsibilities

The recruits will help nurses with services, including recording medical history and symptoms, conducting physical examinations, and providing simple bedside care to patients, mostly in rural communities.

YEA Skill Training & Deployment Of Artisans

In addition, thousands of people would be trained as carpenters, electricians, welders, and construction workers and be provided with a platform to connect to individuals and businesses.  This was also made known with the statement:

“Every year, we intend rolling out not less than 2,000 artisans including tillers, tailors, carpenters, and masons. The Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Service will get the experts to train them and after that we will deploy them,”

He further stated that the Artisanal Directorate of the YEA would work closely with the Ghana Police Service to ensure that beneficiaries had no criminal record, as their services would be accessed through a mobile phone application.


Ghana Job fair

He further stated that the YEA would ensure that the Ghana Job fair was sustained to help address the growing unemployment in the country.

The Job fair is to connect job seekers and employers with a focus on the promotion of sustainable employment.

How To Apply For YEA Recruitment Of SHS Graduates

YEA Recruitment Of SHS Graduates Application Procedures Will Be Accessible Here When Released




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