NTC NUMERACY PAST QUESTION NUMBER 5(Percentages, Decimals and Fractions)

188. A pair of pants costs $24. The cost was reduced by 8%. What is the new cost of the pants?

a. $25.92

b. $21.06

c. $22.08

d. $16.00


189. Michael scored 260 points during his junior year on the school basketball team. He scored 20% more points during his senior year. How many points did he score during his senior year?

a. 208

b. 52

c. 312

d. 345


190. Brian is a real estate agent. He makes a 2.5% commission on each sale. During the month of June he sold three houses. The houses sold for $153,000, $299,000, and $121,000. What was Brian’s total commission on these three sales?

a. $143,250

b. $11,460

c. $3,825

d. $14,325


191. Cory purchased a frying pan that was on sale for 30% off. She saved $3.75 with the sale. What was the original price of the frying pan?

a. $10.90

b. $9.25

c. $12.50

d. $11.25





192. Peter purchased 14 new baseball cards for his collection. This increased the size of his collection by 35%. How many baseball cards does Peter now have?

a. 5

b. 54

c. 40

d. 34


193. Joey has 30 pages to read for history class tonight. He decided that he would take a break when he finished reading 70% of the pages assigned. How many pages must he read before he takes a break?

a. 7

b. 21

c. 9

d. 18


194. Julie had $500. She spent 20% of it on clothes and then 25% of the remaining money on CDs. How much money did Julie spend?

a. $225

b. $300

c. $200

d. $250



195. Nick paid $68.25 for a coat, including sales tax of 5%. What was the  original price of the coat before tax?

a. $63.25

b. $65.25

c. $65.00

d. $64.84



196. The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 2% today. The Dow began the day at 8,800. What was the Dow at the end of the day after the 2% drop?

a. 8,600

b. 8,976

c. 8,624

d. 8,720


197. The population of Hamden was 350,000 in 1990. By 2000, the population had decreased to 329,000. What percent of decrease is this?

a. 16%

b. 7.5%

c. 6%

d. 6.4%


198. Connecticut state sales tax is 6%. Lucy purchases a picture frame that costs $10.50. What is the Connecticut sales tax on this item?

a. $0.60

b. $6.30

c. $0.63

d. $1.05



199. Wendy brought $16 to the mall. She spent $6 on lunch. What percent of her money did she spend on lunch?

a. 60%

b. 37.5%

c. 26%

d. 62.5%





200. Donald sold $5,250 worth of new insurance policies last month. If he receives a commission of 7% on new policies, how much did Donald earn in commissions last month?

a. $4,882.50

b. $367.50

c. $3,675.00

d. $263.00


201. Kara borrowed $3,650 for one year at an annual interest rate of 16%. How much did Kara pay in interest?

a. $1,168.00

b. $584.00

c. $4,234.00

d. $168.00

202. Rebecca is 12.5% taller than Debbie. Debbie is 64 inches tall. How tall is Rebecca?

a. 42 inches

b. 8 inches

c. 56 inches

d. 72 inches


203. Kyra receives a 5% commission on every car she sells. She received a $1,325 commission on the last car she sold. What was the cost of the car?

a. $26,500.00

b. $66.25

c. $27,825.00

d. $16,250.00






204. A tent originally sold for $260 and has been marked down to $208. What is the percent of discount?

a. 20%

b. 25%

c. 52%

d. 18%



205. The football boosters club had 80 T-shirts made to sell at football games. By mid-October, they had only 12 left. What percent of the shirts had been sold?

a. 85%

b. 15%

c. 60%

d. 40%


206. A printer that sells for $190 is on sale for 20% off. What is the sale price of the printer?

a. $152

b. $170

c. $140

d. $136


207. What is 19% of 26?

a. 21.06

b. 4.94

c. 19

d. 5





208. There are 81 women teachers at Russell High. If 45% of the teachers in the school are women, how many teachers are there at Russell High?

a. 180

b. 36

c. 165

d. 205


209. Kim is a medical supplies salesperson. Each month she receives a 5% commission on all her sales of medical supplies up to $20,000 and 8.5% on her total sales over $20,000. Her total commission for May was $3,975. What were her sales for the month of May?

a. $79,500

b. $64,250

c. $46,764

d. $55,000


210. 64% of the students in the school play are boys. If there are 75 students in the play, how many are boys?

a. 64

b. 45

c. 27

d. 48


211. Christie purchased a scarf marked $15.50 and gloves marked $5.50. Both items were on sale for 20% off the marked price. Christie paid 5% sales tax on her purchase. How much did she spend?

a. $25.20

b. $16.80

c. $26.46

d. $17.64




212. Last year, a math textbook cost $54. This year the cost is 107% of what it was last year. What is this year’s cost?

a. $59.78

b. $57.78

c. $61.00

d. $50.22



213. Larry earned $32,000 per year. Then he received a 3 (1/4)% (Three Whole Number one over four) % raise. What is Larry’s salary after the raise?

a. $33,040

b. $35,000

c. $32,140

d. $32,960


214. Bill spent 50% of his savings on school supplies, then he spent 50% of what was left on lunch. If he had $6 left after lunch, how much did he have in savings at the beginning?

a. $24

b. $12

c. $18

d. $30


215. A coat that costs $72 is marked up 22%. What is the new price of the coat?

a. $78.22

b. $96.14

c. $56.16

d. $87.84






216. Kristen earns $550 each week after taxes. She deposits 10% of her income in a savings account and 7% in a retirement fund. How much does Kristen have left after the money is taken out for her savings account and retirement fund?

a. $505.25

b. $435.50

c. $533.00

d. $456.50

217. Coastal Cable had 1,440,000 customers in January of 2002. During the first half of 2002 the company launched a huge advertising campaign. By the end of 2002 they had 1,800,000 customers. What is the percent of increase?

a. 36%

b. 21%

c. 20%

d. 25%

218. The price of heating oil rose from $1.10 per gallon to $1.43 per gallon. What is the percent of increase?

a. 30%

b. 33%

c. 23%

d. 27%

219. 450 girls were surveyed about their favorite sport, 24% said that basketball is their favorite sport, 13% said that ice hockey is their favorite sport, and 41% said that softball is their favorite sport. The remaining girls said that field hockey is their favorite sport. What percent of the girls surveyed said that field hockey is their favorite sport?

a. 37%

b. 22%

c. 78%

d. 35%





220. 25% of babies born at Yale New Haven Hospital weigh less than 6 pounds and 78% weigh less than 8.5 pounds. What percent of the babies born at Yale New Haven Hospital weigh between 6 and 8.5 pounds?

a. 22%

b. 24%

c. 53%

d. 2.5%


221. An $80.00 coat is marked down 20%. It does not sell, so the shop owner marks it down an additional 15%. What is the new price of the coat?

a. $64.00

b. $68.60

c. $52.00

d. $54.40




222.  3/5 of the soda purchased at the football game was cola. What percentage of the soda purchased was cola?

a. 60%

b. 40%

c. 30%

d. 70%


223. In a recent survey of 700 people, 15% said that red was their favorite color. How many people said that red was their favorite color?

a. 15

b. 75

c. 125

d. 105


224. In Kimmi’s fourth grade class, 8 out of the 20 students walk to school. What percent of the students in her class walk to school?

a. 40%

b. 50%

c. 45%

d. 35%


225. In Daniel’s fifth grade class, 37.5% of the 24 students walk to school. Onethird of the walkers got a ride to school today from their parents. How many walkers got a ride to school from their parents today?

a. 9

b. 12

c. 2

d. 3


226. Lindsay purchased a pocketbook for $45 and a pair of shoes for $55. The sales tax on the items was 6%. How much sales tax did she pay?

a. $2.70

b. $3.30

c. $6.00

d. $6.60


227. Wendy bought a book and the sales tax on the book was $2.12. If the sales tax is 8%, what was the price of the book?

a. $26.50

b. $16.96

c. $24.76

d. $265.00





228. Mr. Pelicas took his family out to dinner. The bill was $65.00. He would like to leave a 20% tip. How much should he leave?

a. $20

b. $3.25

c. $13

d. $16.25


229. The Daily News reported that 54% of people surveyed said that they would vote for Larry Salva for mayor. Based on the survey results, if 23,500 people vote in the election, how many people are expected to vote for Mr. Salva?

a. 12,690

b. 4,350

c. 10,810

d. 18,100


230. Bikes are on sale for 30% off the original price. What percent of the original price will the customer pay if he gets the bike at the sale price?

a. 130%

b. 60%

c. 70%

d. 97%


231. A pair of mittens has been discounted 12.5%. The original price of the mittens was $10. What is the new price?

a. $8.80

b. $8.75

c. $7.50

d. $9.88




232. John’s youth group is trying to raise $1,500 at a car wash. So far, they have raised $525. What percent of their goal have they raised?

a. 35%

b. 52%

c. 3%

d. 28%


233. The freshman class is participating in a fundraiser. Their goal is to raise $5,000. After the first two days of the fundraiser, they have raised 32% of their goal. How many dollars did they raise the first two days?

a. $160

b. $32

c. $1,600

d. $3,400


234. 1,152 out of 3,600 people surveyed said that they work more than 40 hours per week. What percent of the people surveyed said that they work more than 40 hours per week?

a. 32%

b. 3.1%

c. 40%

d. 24%


235. Peter was 60 inches tall on his thirteenth birthday. By the time he turned 15, his height had increased 15%. How tall was Peter when he turned 15?

a. 75 inches

b. 69 inches

c. 72 inches

d. 71 inches





236. Laura paid $17 for a pair of jeans. The ticketed price was 20% off the original price plus the sign on the rack said, “Take an additional 15% off the ticketed price.” What was the original price of the jeans?

a. $30

b. $28

c. $25

d. $21

237. The 5% sales tax on a basket was $0.70. What was the price of the basket?

a. $14

b. $35

c. $17

d. $24.50


238. What percent of the figure below is shaded?

a. 50%

b. 65%

c. 75%

d. 80%


239. Melisa and Jennifer threw a fiftieth birthday party for their father at a local restaurant. When the bill came, Melisa added a 15% tip of $42. Jennifer said that the service was wonderful and they should leave a 20% tip instead. How much is a 20% tip?

a. $56

b. $45

c. $47

d. $60






240. The Hamden Town Manager wants to know what percent of the snow removal budget has already been spent. The budget for snow removal is $130,000. It has been an exceptionally snowy year, and they have already spent $100,000 for snow removal. What percent of the budget has already been spent? (round to the nearest percent)

a. 30%

b. 70%

c. 72%

d. 77%


241. A real estate agent makes a 1.5% commission on her sales. What is her commission if she sells a $359,000 house?

a. $53,850

b. $5,385

c. $23,933

d. $1,500


242. The manager of a specialty store marks up imported products 110%. If a vase imported from Italy costs him $35, what price tag will he put on the item?

a. $70

b. $83.50

c. $65

d. $73.50



243. Michelle purchased a vacation home with her sisters. Michelle has $125,000 invested in the property, which is worth $400,000. What percent of the property does Michelle own?

a. 3.2%

b. 43%

c. 31.25%

d. 26.5%



244. Kyra’s weekly wages are $895. A Social Security tax of 7.51% and a State Disability Insurance of 1.2% are taken out of her wages. What is her weekly paycheck, assuming there are no other deductions?

a. $827.79

b. $884.26

c. $962.21

d. $817.05


245. Oscar’s Oil Company gives customers a 5% discount if they pay their bill within 10 days. The Stevens’ oil bill is $178. How much do they save if they pay the bill within 10 days?

a. $8.90

b. $5.00

c. $17.80

d. $14.60


246. Josephine is on an 1,800 calorie per day diet. She tries to keep her intake of fat to no more than 30% of her total calories. Based on an 1,800 calorie a day diet, what is the maximum number of calories that Josephine should consume from fats per day to stay within her goal?

a. 600

b. 640

c. 580

d. 540



247. A family may deduct 24% of their childcare expenses from their income tax owed. If a family had $1,345 in childcare expenses, how much can they deduct?

a. $1,022.20

b. $345.00

c. $322.80

d. $789.70



248. A factory that is working at 90% capacity is shipping 450 cars per week. If the factory works at 100% capacity, how many cars can it ship per week?

a. 650

b. 500

c. 495

d. 405


249. Sales increased by only ½  % last month. If the sales from the previous month were $152,850, what were last month’s sales?

a. $229,275.00

b. $153,614.25

c. $152,849.05

d. $151,397.92


250. Laura is planning her wedding. She expects 230 people to attend the wedding, but she has been told that approximately 5% typically don’t show. About how many people should she expect not to show?

a. 46

b. 5

c. 12

d. 23


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