University Of Education (UEW) Resit, Incomplete Records (IC) And Supplementary Exams

Apply For UEW Resit, Incomplete Records (IC) And Supplementary Exams

What Is Resit Examination?

An examination resit, also known as a retake or reexamination, refers to the opportunity given to a student to retake an examination after having previously attempted and not achieved a satisfactory result. It is typically offered when a student has failed the original examination or did not achieve the desired grade.


In complete Records (IC)

What course IC in student Portal

  1. Failure to Write Mid Semester
  2. Failure to write End of Semester Exams
  3. No index number on your Answer Sheet or the Question paper if it will return back to the lecturer

How to Apply for Incomplete Records In Your Portal

students who are having IC in their portal should first report the Issue to your Departmental Examination Officers.

A form Called Grade Request Forms will be giving it to you to Fill it.

Details of the Grade Request Forms

  1. Student Full Name
  2. Student Index Number
  3. Student Phone Number
  4. Academic Year and the semester of the Affected Course
  5. Course code and course title
  6. Lecturer Name of the Affected Course

After Completing the Grade Request Forms, Student the Copy to the Examination Officer of Your Programme Department.


How to Know if I am Having Resit or Not?

Check Your Student portal to see if you have a grade (E) means that you have Resit to Write

How To Apply For Resit Examination 

After getting to know that you have Reist, Your First place to go is the Academics Affairs of the university

Pick a form Called Resit Form and Fill it

Pay the cost of the Resit at the Finance office of the University Accounts Office

The Cost of Resit Exams per Course is GH 20cedis

After payment of the Resit money,

Make photocopies of the forms u fill and the money receipt from the finance office

Give one copy to the Examination Department of the Academic Affairs, one for Examination Officer of your Department and one for the Secretariat of the Department.


Supplementary Examination

Before on can qualify for Supplementary Exams at the University, one must show prove of evidence in details, the reasons why he or she fail to write the main exams when it was schedule for.

After having your genuine evidence, you will write a letter and state the reason why you fail to write the main exams off which the letter will be addressed to the head of Academics Cf the University.

The distribution of the letter will go to the Academics Office, University Examination Office, and your Department Examination Officer



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