Check your eligibility to apply for qualified teacher status (QTS) in England

Who This Service Is For

This service is for qualified teachers who trained to teach outside of England who want to apply for qualified teacher status (QTS) to teach in English schools.

If you trained in England or Wales, or have not yet qualified, learn more about other routes to QTS.

Use this service to:

  • check if you’re eligible to apply for QTS
  • understand the types of evidence you’ll need to provide

We’ll ask some questions to check your eligibility to apply for QTS in England. This should take about 5 minutes.

There’s no charge to apply for QTS. You do not need to be in the UK to use this service.

If you’ve already started your application using this service, you can sign in to continue working on it.



BRIGHT FRANCIS ADOM is an ICT teacher at Ghana Education Service, Entrepreneur, Hard Working and I believe in giving out Accurate information to help others

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