United Kingdom (UK) Added Ghana, Nigeria And Other Countries To Teachers For Qualify Teacher Status To Teach In UK APPLY NOW


English teacher training leads to a professional teaching qualification called qualified teacher status (QTS).

If you’re a qualified teacher from outside the UK, you can work as a teacher in England for up to 4 years without QTS.

After that, you will need QTS to teach in many schools in England. Although it’s not a legal requirement in all types of schools (for example, academies, free schools and private schools), you will find it easier to get a teaching job in England if you have QTS.

This guidance explains how to apply for QTS if you qualified to teach or have gained teaching experience outside the UK.


General Information About Teaching And Training To Teach In England

Teachers in England are employed by individual schools, not by the Department for Education. If you decide to apply for QTS, you will have to apply for your teaching job and your visa separately. You may also find it useful to refer to our general information for international teachers and trainees:

  • teach in England if you qualified outside the UK gives an overview of visas and immigration routes, and the help available, to non-UK teachers
  • train to teach in England: non-UK applicants gives an overview of visas and immigration routes and how to apply to train to teach in England
  • Get Into Teaching offers information and advice on becoming a teacher in England, including details about salaries and benefits

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  • Routes to QTS
  • There are 4 routes to qualified teacher status for teachers and trainees outside the UK:
  • apply for QTS using our new online service
  • apply for assessment only QTS
  • apply for teacher training in England
  • apply to train for international qualified teacher status (iQTS)
  • Your eligibility for each route will depend on:
  • where you qualified
  • your subject specialism
  • whether you already have teaching experience
  • your personal circumstances
  • Apply for QTS in England
  • From 1 February 2023 , if you have a teaching qualification from the following countries and regions, you will be able to use our new service to check if you meet the requirements and apply for QTS in England:
  • In addition, if you have a subject specialism in languages, mathematics or science and a teaching qualification to teach 11 to 16 year olds from one of the following 7 countries, you will be able to use the service to check if you meet the requirements and apply for QTS in England:



  • When you apply for QTS in England you do not need to:
  • pay a fee to a training provider
  • undergo any further training
  • visit the UK
  • Over time this route will be open to qualified teachers from every country outside the UK. Learn more about the qualifications and experience you’ll need to be awarded QTS.
  • Apply for assessment only QTS
  • If you’re not eligible to apply for QTS in England using the new service, assessment only QTS may be the most appropriate route for you.
  • Assessment only QTS means experienced teachers with a degree can gain QTS without doing a teacher training programme. You can apply to a UK government-approved teacher training provider in England for an assessment showing you meet the standards for QTS. You do not need to visit the UK to be assessed and gain QTS.
  • You will not have to visit or train in England. However, you will need to be assessed at your place of work by an examiner from your teaching training provider. Your teacher training provider can explain what type of school you must be working in to undergo assessment only QTS.
  • Assessment Only Costs
  • Fees range from about £1,500 to £4,000, but vary between providers and may be substantially more if you’re outside the UK. Check with individual providers for more details.
  • Working as a teacher in England while you undergo assessment only QTS
  • Although many schools in England prefer applicants for teaching jobs to have QTS, it is possible to work as a teacher in England and earn a salary while you’re assessed for QTS.
  • The 4-year rule allows you to work without QTS. It means that, if you are successful in finding a teaching job in England without having QTS, you can apply to a teacher training provider offering assessment only QTS in the region of England where you work.
  • Assessment only training providers cannot give you advice about:
  • finding a teaching job in an English school
  • other routes to QTS
  • applying for a visa to work or study in the UK
  • When you apply for assessment only QTS you will:
  • have to pay a fee to a training provider
  • not have to undergo any further training
  • not have to visit the UK (unless you are working in England under the 4-year rule)
  • Qualifications and experience you’ll need to be eligible for an assessment only QTS
  • To apply for assessment only QTS, you do not need a formal teacher training qualification.
  • However, you must have:
  • a minimum of 2 years’ teaching experience
  • a first (bachelor’s) degree from a UK or non-UK university
  • an English language qualification which is the same standard as a grade 4 GCSE (General Certificate of Secondary Education)
  • a maths qualification which is the same standard as a grade 4 GCSE
  • to teach children aged 3 to 11 in primary school, a physics, chemistry or biology (science) qualification which is the same standard as a grade 4 GCSE
  • A GCSE is an academic qualification awarded for examinations in England, usually taken at age 16.
  • International Qualifications
  • If your qualifications come from a non-UK institution, your assessment only teacher training provider may want to see a ‘statement of comparability’ showing how they compare to UK qualifications.
  • You can call us on 0800 389 2500 for:
  • guidance on the UK equivalents of your qualifications
  • a free statement of comparability from UK ENIC once you’ve submitted your application, if your provider asks for this
  • Your teaching experience must:
  • consist of time spent teaching (as opposed to other responsibilities in a school)
  • have taken place in 2 separate schools (not 2 classes within the same school or 2 school sites within the same organisation)
  • demonstrate you’ve taught young people from a range of different backgrounds
  • demonstrate you’re familiar with different approaches to teaching, learning and school management
  • Your teaching experience can have been:
  • gained in any type of school, for example, international schools, schools teaching the International Baccalaureate, and state-maintained schools outside the UK
  • spent teaching a non-English curriculum (though you may need to show you have knowledge of the subjects taught in the English curriculum)
  • divided between 2 school settings as long as you have 2 years’ teaching experience in total
  • How To Apply For An Assessment Only QTS
  • Your application for assessment only QTS must be made to one of the UK government’s approved assessment only teacher training providers in England. You do not need to visit or train in England to do assessment only QTS.
  • An assessment of your teaching will be carried out in person at your place of work by an examiner from your chosen teacher training provider.
  • Find Teacher Training Providers Offering Assessment Only QTS To International Teachers Outside The UK.
  • Can a Ghanaian teacher teach in the UK?
  • From 1 February 2023, teachers from eligible countries can show they meet a consistent set of criteria and apply for QTS in England. Learn more about our approach to QTS for overseas teachers including the: 40 countries and regions whose qualified teachers can use the service.
  • You must demonstrate that you are already teaching at either “good” or “outstanding” level against the Teachers’ Standards and be ready to be formally assessed by a university tutor in your school. Following a successful assessment period, you will be recommended for QTS. APPLY HERE
  • International qualified teacher status ( iQTS ) is a new teaching qualification backed by the Department for Education ( DfE ) and the UK government. iQTS meets the same high standards as English qualified teacher status ( QTS ) and leads to the automatic award of QTS .24 Jan 2023
  • Qualified teacher learning and skills (QTLS)
  • If you have QTLS status and membership of the Society for Education and Training (SET), you’re eligible to work as a qualified teacher in schools in England.
  • It will be up to schools and local authorities to decide whether you’re suitable for a post and to teach a particular subject. You’ll be exempt from serving a statutory induction period in schools.


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