How To Teach In SHS After Having Diploma In Basic Education Certificate

The minimum certificate to teach in Ghana senior high schools is a degree in a specific subject which is having educational content background.

Most teachers who are having Diploma in Basic Education, here are some various ways to also get a degree that can help them to teach in Senior High Schools in Ghana

By Seeking For Study Leave with Pay

One the best way for a diploma in basic education certificate holder to teach in senior high schools in Ghana is by getting study leave with pay from the Ghana Education Service.

How to get study leave with pay in Ghana Education Service

In order to get study leave with pay in the Ghana Education Service (GES), you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Check Your Eligibility: According to the GES regulations, an applicant must have served for a minimum of three (3) years before being eligible for study leave with pay.
  2. Identify A Course Of Study: Identify a course of study that is relevant to your current job and can enhance your skills and knowledge. The course of study must be approved by the GES before you can apply for study leave.
  3. Apply For Study Leave: Submit an application for study leave to your head of department or supervisor. The application should include details of the course of study, the institution where the course will be taken, the duration of the course, and the benefits the GES will derive from your study leave.
  4. Await Approval: Your application will be considered by the GES and a decision will be made on whether to approve your study leave.
  5. Fulfill your obligations: If your study leave is approved, you will be required to fulfill certain obligations, such as signing a bond to return to service for a specified period after completing the course.
  6. After completing the course GES will open portal for teachers returning from study leave to applied and fill their portals online.
  7. Ghana Education Service will post you to a place where your service Is needed.

 By Doing Distance

All teachers in Ghana who are having diploma in basic education will bear mind with me that it is not easy to get study in Ghana Education Service. So, another alternative to get a degree that can help you to teach at SHS is by distance mode.

Most teachers in Ghana are contemplating about whether programs is the best for distance mode to teach at SHS

Winneba Eight Semester Distance and sandwich

UCC Five Semester Sandwich

UDS Eight Semester Distance and Regular

Legon Eight Semester 

KNUST Eight Semester

Now with these the following institutions offering more distance program that can help a diploma in basic education certificate holder to get a degree that he or she can used it to teach at SHS

GHEDUJOB.COM recommend all the institution that are offering Eight semesters’ programs at their distance mode.

My questions are that if five semesters will help to get a degree that can help you to teach at SHS, then the government will have absorbed the study leave with pay long time. And beside most universities do not accept five semester certificates if you want to do masters of philosophy (MPhil)



BRIGHT FRANCIS ADOM is an ICT teacher at Ghana Education Service, Entrepreneur, Hard Working and I believe in giving out Accurate information to help others

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