Woman Poison Daughter’s Class Mate To Death For Over Performing Than Her Daughter

Is It Wickedness Or Evil Deeds

A 42-year-old jealous woman has been arrested following the poisoning of a 13-year-old boy who performed better in class than her daughter.

Police in India is currently investigating the matter while the suspect is reported to be in custody after admitting to the crime.

According to, the sad incident occurred last Friday, after a rehearsal for an annual day event at a school in Karaikal, India’s Puducherry territory.

The deceased boy reportedly complained to his mother that he started feeling sick after drinking a soft drink offered to him by the school guard, thinking she was the one that had sent it to him.

Not long after the complaint, the Class 8 student started vomiting, and his parents rushed him to the Karaikal government hospital, where he received treatment discharged.

After they returned home, the victim’s condition deteriorated, and he was sent back to the hospital on Friday night, where he was admitted, but he died the next day.

His disturbed mother started asking relatives if they had sent a soft drink to her son. She went to her son’s school and they checked CCTV footage of the evil-minded woman putting something in the bottle and then handing it to the school guard.

She was identified to be the mother of the victim’s female classmate, with whom he had argued over academic performance. reports that a video shot on his hospital bed before his death showed the poor boy saying: “Her mother gave a soft drink to my school watchman saying that it was from my mother. I drank and began feeling uncomfortable so I went home. Then I started vomiting.”

A family member of the deceased is also reported as saying: “From lower kindergarten to now, he has stood first in class. This has happened out of jealousy.”

Meanwhile, the suspect has reportedly admitted to the offence, saying that he did not intend to kill the boy, adding that she only mixed the drink with laxative pills to cause diarrhoea to the victim and make him ill.

source: One Ghana TV




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